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Cryogenic processing can be successfully applied to different sporting goods. Every sport-related item that has been cryogenically treated results in obvious improvements and positive feedback from the users. It is also worth mentioning that to the best of our knowledge there’s no sport body regulation or rules against deep-freezing treatment of sporting goods.

What sporting goods can benefit from cryogenic processing?

  • Baseball Bats
  • Softball Bats
  • Golf Clubs
  • Tennis Racquets
  • Ice Skates

What are the improvements of the cryogenically treated sporting goods?

  • Ice skates stay sharp longer
  • Aluminum bats display a reduction in residual stress
  • Improved durability to resist denting
  • A more pleasing and solid sound when a bat impacts with the ball
  • Reduction of internal bat vibrations from impact
  • 2 to 4% increase in hitting distance
  • An ability to transfer more energy and greater ball speed at impact than ordinary steel
  • Lower spin rates
  • Superior energy transfer
  • An ideal trajectory achieved by lowering the center of gravity of the balls
  • The balls get airborne with better launch angle
  • Optimizing perimeter weighting, accuracy and distance control
  • Very helpful for off-center hits
  • Reduction of the ground drag
  • Shock reduction that ensures a softer feel


Baseball Bats
Softball Bats
Golf Clubs
Tennis Racquets

In testing performed by an Alcoa metallurgist and new product development manager, it was found that the cryogenically treated aluminum bats displayed a reduction in residual stress. The following benefits to bat performance have been observed:

  • Improved durability to resist denting
  • A more pleasing, solid sound of impact with the ball
  • Better “feel” resulting from some reduction of internal bat vibrations from impact
  • 2 to 4% increase in hitting distance

Frustrated golfers rejoice! If you’ve tried everything else to improve you game, give Deep Cryogenic Tempering a try!
Pete Paulin (300 Below, Inc. CEO) says he does not know of any sport body having rules against deep-freezing its gear. Sporting goods have shown great improvements after the process, in addition to the treatment of race-car parts, rifle barrels used in competitions and even golf balls.

Jack Nicklaus Golf Clubs

SCIENTISTS and metallurgists have used CRYOGENICS to radically improve the performance of ordinary metals.

NASA relies on cryogenically treated metals as the only substance in key components that will withstand the rigors of space travel on the SPACE SHUTTLE craft. However, no one has ever applied this cutting-edge cryogenic science to golf clubs on a large scale, until now, by Nicklaus Golf Equipment. Cryogenics totally transforms the molecular structure of aerospace steel. Before cryogenic tempering, steel’s molecules are somewhat loosely and randomly organized. Slow freezing to MINUS 300° FAHRENHEIT in a nitrogen gas-filled chamber decreases molecular movement and joins molecules tightly together. As the tempering takes place, the molecules remain closer together in a more uniform and denser formation. The result is a STRONGER, HARDER SUBSTANCE we call ADVANCED CRYOGENIC SUPERSTEEL that produces greater energy transfer for added distance. You also get game improvement and shock dampening features never before incorporated into club design.

By combining the superior properties of Cryogenic Supersteel with the Cantilever Weight System, we have designed a set of irons with performance that was not before possible


AirMax Woods

Crafted in Cryogenic SuperSteel Air Max Woods

  • Explosive distance off the tee – Thin face crafted in Cryogenic Supersteel transfers more energy and greater ball speed at impact than ordinary steel.
  • Lower Spin Rate – Harder surface promotes less spin for greater carry, roll distance, straighter flight
  • Maximum Forgiveness – Oversized head crafted in Cryogenic Supersteel allows for clubs to be made with thinner walls for superior energy transfer, yet still provides the forgiveness players expect from the oversized head.
  • Ideal Trajectory – Lowered center of gravity gets balls airborne with better launch angle
  • Available in 9″, 10.5″ and Offset
  • Available with SuperG50 Graphite Shaft (Mens/Ladies) or Steel Crankshaft with ShockShield

AirMax Irons

Crafted in Cryogenic SuperSteel

  • Cantilever Weight system – moves the weight away from the micro-thin clubface while progressively moving the center of gravity from the low heel area on the long irons to a higher position towards the tee on short irons
  • Micro-Thin Face, 16% Thinner than conventional irons, more weight redistributed to other areas of the clubhead, optimizing perimeter weighting, accuracy and distance control, especially on off-center hits. Ideal Trajectory and Launch – Angle are gained by the progressive movement of the center of gravity throughout set
  • Positive Movement of Weight and Progressive Offset – work together to square the clubface at impact
  • More Distance with Better Feel – from the superior energy transfer at impact off the micro-thin super-hard Cryogenic Supersteel clubface
  • Toe-to-Heel and Front-to-Back Camber Sole – reduces ground drag and decreases versatility from a variety of lies.
  • Oversize Player Profile – allows greater confidence at address
  • Vibration Dampening – qualities of Cryogenic Supersteel reduces shock providing a softer feel
  • Available with SuperG50 Graphite Shaft (Men’s/Ladie’s) or Steel CrankShaft with ShockShield.

Ball Buster Bats

Tired of putting out $100, $150 and more for an unwarranted bat, only to have it go flat after a few homers?

The C405 Alcoa bats can certainly hit a softball 400 feet, but without a warranty you go for a ride; not the ball. The cure you ask? BALL BUSTER, the proven cryogenic process that refines your bats’ grain structure and increases tensile strength. CU31 bats stay round while hitting more than 1000 balls and C405 bats need ten times the hits in colder weather to go flat.

How refined is the grain on a BALLsupercellbat.jpg BUSTER bat?

One custom bat manufacturer reported that he hones about .010 of an inch from inside each swaged CU31 shell before loading the bat. His hones would normally dress out fifteen shells for a total of .150 stock removals with the bats heating up to 180 F. The BALL BUSTER process wore his set of stones out with a total stock removal of .002 on the first BALL BUSTER he picked up and could not get the temperature to rise above 100 F with a chrome-like finish inside the bat. Surprisingly he also noted that small pit marks in the exterior of the bat disappeared.

A previous employee of 300 Below Inc., Julie, had her son’s high school aluminum baseball bat cryogenically treated with the BALL BUSTER process. During a game, the umpire declared that this bat was illegal for high school play by being altered with an unacceptable loading material. The ump had come to this conclusion because the bat sounded different when it blasted the ball to the outfield. The umpire then proceeded to cut the BALL BUSTER into two pieces to expose this dastardly deed! What did he find? He found out that he had to buy the boy a new baseball bat. How embarrassing. The sound change and performance increase come from a tighter grain structure and increase in tensile strength. And guess what Julie’s son did with his newly purchased bat? That’s right! It immediately went through the BALL BUSTER process. I hope the ump has learned a valuable lesson. Sound and performance alone does not make a bat illegal.

Sweet spot increases by 2 1/2 inches reports a custom bat manufacturer. Take some of the sting out of your hands when hitting a ball outside your bat’s sweet spot and put that sting into the hand of your opponent who has to catch that ball. BALL BUSTER bats are created by a process that uses a dry treatment utilizing vaporized liquid nitrogen closely controlled by a computer program which, with the proper programming, stress relieves a BALL BUSTER bat perfectly, hence a larger sweet spot to enhance your performance on the field.