Striking the Perfect Note with Cryogenic Magic

Transform your musical journey with 300 Below’s state-of-the-
art cryogenic treatment process. Elevate your musical
instruments and audio equipment to unparalleled performance
levels, ensuring they sound better and last longer.


Master Your Craft

Our cryogenic treatment process refines the playability and longevity of your instruments, enabling you to produce the best music consistently.


Unleash the Symphony

By modifying the molecular structure of metal components, our cryogenic treatment helps deliver enhanced durability and sound quality, setting your instruments free to produce their best sound.


The Harmony of Longevity

Our process doesn’t just extend the life of your instruments, it enriches their sound reproduction quality, optimizing your maintenance costs and time investment to keep your focus on the art of music.


Constantly in Tune

Musicians have reported their stringed instruments and pianos stay in tune longer after our cryogenic treatment, reducing the need for constant tuning and letting you enjoy seamless music-making.

Uncompromised Sound Quality

Stay ahead of the tune. Your audience deserves the best, and so do your instruments. Deliver top-notch performances, every single time.

Master Your Craft

Age your instrument with grace. Our cryogenic treatment enhances the longevity and playability of your antique instruments, producing a mellifluous harmony that brings your music to life.

Unleash the Symphony

Unleash the Symphony

Let your instruments play the best version of their sound. Our proprietary cryogenic process changes the molecular structure of the metal, providing enhanced durability and sound quality.

The Harmony of Longevity

Our treatment not only extends the lifespan of your instruments but also enhances their audio reproduction quality, ensuring you spend less on maintenance and more on making music.

The Harmony of Longevity
Constantly in Tune

Constantly in Tune

With our cryogenic process, musicians have found their pianos and stringed instruments staying in tune longer, reducing the need for frequent tuning sessions.

Materials Impacted

We believe in the power of your music and the passion behind it. Our technology helps your instruments match your talent, eliminating technical hindrances that could affect your performance. Our mission? Enhancing your music by refining your instruments.


Instrument (Pricing to Cryogenically Treat)

Guitar Strings

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Trombone Slide


Tenor Trombone


Saxophone Necks


Alto Sax


Trumpet Bells


French Horn






Unlock the potential of your musical instruments with our affordable cryogenic treatment. (Note: Prices are for representation purpose only.)

Instruments Reimagined

Experience the transformational power of cryogenics on a variety of instruments and components, from guitar strings to piano keys, and trumpet bells to saxophone reeds.

Our Process is simple

Make your metal parts better with cryogenic processing for longer lasting, wear-resistant equipment.

Identify at-risk

Step 1

Upgrade your parts
with our process

Step 2

Handle With Care
Perform with

Step 3


Our Story

As a musician, your instrument is an extension of your soul. It’s through this medium that you channel your creativity, passion, and dedication into a symphony that resonates with the audience. Your bond with your instrument is sacred, and the importance of its performance cannot be overstated.
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“Discover the Power of Cryogenics”
Download our Cryogenic Processing Overview brochure to understand the profound impact of our technology on your music.

Discover the Power of Cryogenics

“Discover the Power of Cryogenics”
Download our Cryogenic Processing Overview brochure to understand the profound impact of our technology on your music.