300 Below is proud to offer customer support to customers for its cryogenic processing services as well as its processing equipment.  All contact inquiries for international firearms export transactions should go through your authorized 300 Below representative, and their contact information is listed with each purchase order.

For cryogenic processing services, please contact Susan Brown, Office Manager, toll-free at 800-550-2796 (CRYO) or for calls outside the United States via +1-217-423-3070.  For all processing equipment inquiries please ask for Pete Paulin using the same preceding numbers.  You may also use our contact form for an electronic response.

We offer an unconditional money-back guarantee for all of our cryogenic processing services and want to ensure that our level of service continues to be perceived as the best in our industry.  Please contact us for any questions that you may have about your order, and thank you for doing business with us!  The highest compliment for us comes from your referral for us to do business with your friends and colleagues, and we look forward to earning and maintaining that trust with you throughout every single transaction.

About 300 Below

300 Below/CryoTech is a Green Conservation Company. We save resources and reduce expenses for our clients. 300 Below is the founder of the commercial cryogenic processing industry. We have been in business continuously since 1966, constantly evolving from our origin in Detroit, Michigan. We maintain cryo treatment facilities in Central Illinois because of its location in the middle of the United States, thus giving us easy access to ship to companies on either of the Pacific or Atlantic coasts.

Since our inception, 300 Below has processed millions of pounds of steel and components for thousands of companies around the globe. 300 Below is responsible for establishing over one hundred operations in multiple countries, all using 300 Below’s proprietary cryogenic processing equipment, which we call cryo-processors.