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How Can Cryogenic Processing Help Solve Your Racing Engine’s Ring and Pinion Gear Problems?

Cryogenic Processing and Motorbike Gear Problems

What’s troubling your two-wheel pet? You don’t have to be a motorbike professional to know that ring and pinion gears are the Achilles heel of every racing motorcycle. The chipped or prematurely worn teeth and especially the ominous sounds are the serious symptoms that something is deeply wrong with your ring and pinion gears.
Some of the most common ring and pinion problems include the following:

  • Gears are making excessive noise.
  • The gear teeth are broken, chipped or worn.
  • Gears are getting louder.
  • The ominous noise you hear when deceleration and/or accelerating.

What can cryogenic treatment do for your ring and pinion gear problems?

Well, the cryogenic processing treats the materials at the extremely cold temperatures (around -300 °F). For this treatment the liquid nitrogen is usually used. What you get as the final result is a profound impact on your ring and pinion gears. Thanks to the significant change in the crystal structure of the steel, both the hardness and strength are significantly increased. In addition, you can expect that your ring and pinion gears perform much better under the high stress working environment and conditions.

Welcome to the exciting new world of Cryo Motorsports!

This unparalleled process can improve the entire structure of the materials exposed to the deep freezing temperature. It is also worth mentioning that this process is so much more than putting your motorbike parts in a special deep freeze container. We are talking about the strictly computer-controlled and monitored cryogenic processing. The changes occur at the molecular level. That’s why the surgical precision and attention to the microscopic details are paramount in the cryogenic treatments.
The motorsport industry has recognized the benefits of the cryogenic processing. That’s why it’s not an exaggeration to say what we’re witnessing a birth of the cryo motorsport industry. The competitive advantages, such as improved wear resistance, dimensional stabilization, stress relief, and others, are something that every racing team would embrace and apply with no hesitation.

What can 300 BELOW do for your ring and pinion gears?

We are a proud cryogenic processing pioneer. We have witnessed the very birth and the amazing development of this exciting new technology since 1966. At the world’s #1 provider of cryogenic treatment services, we will ensure the longevity and improved stress resistance of your rind and pinion gears. This is an invitation to racing teams who should team up with our cryo motorsport experts in order to ensure the unparalleled competitive edge. You shouldn’t allow yourself a luxury of staying behind the racing teams who are already applying the state-of-the-art technologies and research results in their daily operations.

We are win-win solution makers who will treat your tasks with the utmost care and attention. Needless to say that your privacy and competitive know-how will be protected with the NDAs, we are willing to sign on your request. Your motorsport secrets are safe with us and your victory is ensured with the help of our cryogenic processing experts. Give us a call or send us an email and see for yourself how the ring and pinion gear problems can be solved by using the latest cryogenic treatments.


300 Below Inc. is changing the face of Motorsports by applying the deep cryogenic tempering and treatment process to increases engine performance, reduce wear and improve longevity. This one-time irreversible treatment improves the entire structure, not just the surface, and gives your engine the stability once found only in seasoned engines.
Our process increases engine performance and engine lifespan through rearrangement of an engine’s molecular structure after utilizing our proprietary computer-controlled freezing process. Cryogenic tempering occurs after creating a significant increase in abrasive wear resistance and overall durability for an engine, resulting in improved tensile strength, toughness and stability within the metals. This helps release internal residual stresses, which were created when the engine was manufactured. Overall, our clients in the motorsports industry use cryogenic processing for stress relief, dimensional stabilization, increased wear resistance and durability for their engines and other high performance parts associated with the chassis. We help to create faster engines and offer our clients a significant competitive edge when racing against competitors with non-treated engines.
In short, the racing teams who have not yet discovered our cryogenic process find themselves at a significant disadvantage when racing against our teams who employ superior research and technology in their day-to-day operations. If you’ve seen racing on TV, it’s likely you’ve seen cryogenics in action. Racing teams in NASCAR, Indy 500, Tractor Pulling, and several other circuits call on 300 Below to give them the upper hand. Through our current non-disclosure agreements, we pledge to maintain secrecy for our clients and do not actively pursue their direct competition. If approached by a competitor, however, we maintain a policy that we will not discriminate against additional business. In keeping with this practice, and in the spirit of good sportsmanship, we will not reveal any secrets learned while working with past teams that could hurt their ongoing research and development efforts in racing.

Longer Engine Life
Higher Horsepower
Reduced Downtime & Breakage


There were no changes in dimensions (in our IH0986 Super Stock Pulling Tractor,) but performance has noticeably changed for the better … the engine starts much easier than before … our oil blow-by has dramatically decreased from 2-3 quarts per pass to only 1/2 cup. This motor has had a constant gain in performance since we started this season.It keeps getting better… The HP and durability gains we achieved through cryogenic treatment … directly resulted in winning our first 7,500 lb Super Stock championship points race! I would recommend it to any racer in any motor-sport division who is looking for the newest edge in performance and durability.
Danny Beal

Sanitec Welding Service Darlen, NY, “The Nuclear Toy”

This really has to be one of the greatest improvements ever for the racing community. Cryogenic treatment of the motorcycle and mini-sprint engines I build have given me many improvements. Engine builders tear down 2-cycles after 300 laps … I recently tore down a 250 2-cycle after 1,800 laps and found that I could measure no cylinder wear, no ring wear and only 1/1000th piston wear. The engines I have had cryogenically treated at 300 Below, Inc. have consistently out-performed identical non-treated engines.
Robbie Robinson

Owner Robinson Racing Engines Tuscola, IL

Not only did (my Suzuki GSX-R 1100 motor) surpass my expectations, it blew them out of the water. I noticed improvements in compression, fuel economy, engine vibration and transmission shifting. I can’t wait to freeze everything I own.
David Stanton

Endurance and Formula USA Team Rider

We generally go through the motors after 1,000 to 1,200 laps. When we tore this engine down … the bearings were almost perfect and the crank looked like the day I installed it new.
Butch Hixson

Engine Builder Puller

“We ran more than 40 races for the 1991 season between lower engine teardowns. Before cryogenic processing, we had to tear down after every six to seven events.”
National Auto Racer

Variety of Uses
  1. We have been deep cryogenically treating racing engines and transmissions for top racing teams longer than anyone on the planet.
  2. We started in Motor City in 1966. We are the best kept secret in racing. Top teams use cryogenic processing of engines and transmissions as a significant competitive advantage. They don’t want ANYONE to know they use cryogenic processing. Why? Because it works. Really works.

Have your blogs told you it’s BS? They are simply ignorant of the facts. Read the actual scientific peer reviewed research articles in this website. We have fought for truth for 40 years.

In fact almost every part in a engine assembly will benefit in one form or another from cryogenic processing. Multiple unique benefits accrue from a single process. Stress relief, stabilization, carbide precipitation, co-valent molecular bonding, and grain refinement all work together to improve an engines performance. Different types of metals in an engine all respond differently to the cryogenic process. Deep cryogenic processing increases horsepower and torque nominally, but it increases the life of an engine significantly. Less wear equals less cylinder taper, higher sustained compression and smoother engine components reduce adhesive drag. Bearings last longer, cams last longer, heads don’t warp, blocks stay square. Valves slide smoothly. Engines create less friction and therefor, less heat loss of energy and drag loss. As an analogy, the refined grain structure results in a surface contact more like glass on glass than sandpaper on sandpaper. It takes less force to spin the motor. The denser more coherent structure also transmutes heat energy more efficiently. Head temps run cooler. The result is longer life, more durability, more reliability, higher performance, and significantly lower costs from broken engine parts. To finish first, you must first finish. We have worked with racers for over 40 years. You would be surprised when people are fighting for 100ths and 1000ths of a second in drag racing what happens when they treat their motor with us. The entire cryogenic process for the entire engine assembly is less than the cost of 30 gallons of NitroMethane.

Cryo-Turbos Rock. Over 300% longer life.

A tractor puller with tri-sequential turbos pushing over 200 pounds of boost in a diesel, would lose 2+ quarts of oil in blowby into a catch can on a single pass.

After cryogenic processing the engine, same parts, same driver, same course, same tractor… less than 4 ounces. Call us and let’s discuss a few real life stories and how we can help you.

We firmly believe that the nominal cost of cryo processing an engine is the best money you can invest in your racing career. If you are not pleased for any reason, we’ll send your money back. Give us a call. We are really good at what we do, and will do everything in our power to help make your racing a better venture. It works. 800-550-2796