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Extend the life of metal components on your products or your customers.

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Is your business looking for an advantage over the competition?

Own your own cryogenic processing equipment to offer peak-performing products and services to your customers.


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Elevate Your Business to Peak Performance

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Save Time & Money

Whether you use the cryogenic processing equipment for your parts or your customer’s, you’ll save lead time to implement the process in-house without freight cost or extra time.

License Opportunities

We give you our process to extend the life of your metals, which means you get a proven system, spend less on maintenance and repairs, and keep the cash. Now, you can own your equipment and have it in house.  Use it for yourself or as a part of new business moving forward.
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On-Site Training

Our staff is here to support you. We offer on-site training and on-going support.  We want you to be successful with the equipment and continue to advance all industries with cryogenic processing.

Reduce Metal Stress and Fatigue

We freeze at-risk metals to -300°F, causing structural changes at the molecular level to make your wearable parts more resilient. This helps fight corrosion, breakage, and wear – reducing unnecessary stress on your metal parts.

reduce metal

If you can’t find your specific application listed on our website, contact us directly to see if it is compatible with our process.

Materials Impacted

Steel, Iron, Copper, Aluminum, Carbide, and some Polymers can all undergo our deep cryogenic
tempering process.


Our Process is simple

Make your metal parts better with cryogenic processing for longer lasting, wear-resistant equipment.

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Our Story

We obsessed with making metals stronger, last longer, and perform at their best. We know that we can save you money and improve your metals.
Celebrating over 50 years in business, we have saved thousands of businesses and consumers money by processing millions of pounds of steel through our facilities.

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Download our free catalog to see how you can expand 
your services with 300 Below technology.
discover cryogenic processing
discover cryogenic processing
Download our free catalog to see how you can expand 
your services with 300 Below technology.

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