Freight Considerations

300 Below works with multiple LTL vendors to procure freight solutions. Because our shop operations personnel are incredibly busy helping to receive, process, and ship items belonging to our clients, we require that any freight vendors endure a standardized process for providing a competitive quote to our team. 300 Below is committed to evaluating quotes from potential vendors on a quarterly basis for inclusion in business operations.


We are willing to accept meetings from freight companies and their sales representatives on the first Wednesday of each month, between 9am – 11am CST at 2999 E. Parkway Drive, Decatur, IL 62526. Julie Lewis is 300 Below’s shop operations manager responsible for evaluating ALL freight quotes, and she may be reached ONLY via email to set up an appointment at [email protected] . Our team will NOT and does NOT accept phone calls from freight vendors and logistics providers in regards to solicitation of business or other conversations designed to request our staff to send RFQs to a carrier or logistics provider. We have limited time during the day, and do not allow our staff to incur billable time for unproductive phone conversations that are unrelated to our normal course of business operations.


Prior to accepting an appointment with a freight vendor or logistics provider, we require competitive quotes to be provided.


300 Below is interested in quotes to the following destinations:
91001 (Pasadena, CA)

90505 (Palos Verdes, CA)

93301 (Bakersfield, CA)

21770 (Monrovia, MD)

11203 (Brooklyn, NY)

33143 (Miami, FL)

33165 (Miami, FL)

77036 (Houston, TX)

48228 (Detroit, MI)


We require direct delivery – NO INTERLINING PERMITTED – for all freight shipments. Please note that for Staten Island / Brooklyn area shipments, and other areas, there may be trailer restrictions, including a 48′ maximum length for the vehicle. All carriers must obey applicable state / local legal restrictions, and provide details regarding restrictions at the time of the quote. If a carrier or its representative is not knowledgable about transportation restrictions to the above destinations, this may be grounds for disqualification of the carrier or logistics provider during the evaluation of quotes.


300 Below is interested in quotes to the above zip codes for the following LTL weight parameters:


200 – 500 lbs.

1,000 – 2,000 lbs.

2,500 – 3,000 lbs.


We are interested in quoting the following shipment classes:

Class 50 – Gun Barrels

Class 60 – Brake Rotors

Class 85 – Machined Parts


Quotes will be evaluated on a quarterly basis, with additional consideration provided in person to the authorized sales representative during a scheduled meeting. NO MEETINGS WILL BE SCHEDULED WITHOUT A WRITTEN QUOTE ADHERING TO THE ABOVE PARAMETERS which shall be provided via email to 300 Below’s Shop Operations Manager. For ethical reasons, any gifts (including food or candy) provided to 300 Below personnel must be noted in writing with a CC: to 300 Below leadership after each in-person meeting with 300 Below personnel.


TERMINATION OF BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP DUE TO UNFAVORABLE OR UNETHICAL ACTIONS300 Below shall promptly terminate a business relationship with any carrier or logistics provider if any of the following actions occur:1) Providing gifts to 300 Below personnel without notifying 300 Below Management (Officers of the Corporation)2) Attempting to call 300 Below regarding solicitations (especially stating that 300 Below personnel are expecting your call)3) Speaking negatively about other carriers or logistics providers currently in use by 300 Below


If any of the above unfavorable or unethical actions are taken by a freight vendor or logistics provider, 300 Below will ban working with the firm and visiting with its representatives for a period of no less than 1 year, and a period of no less than 3 years for repeat violations, with the requirement to assign a different representative to establish a relationship in future visits or calls.


Please note that the above expectations do not apply during the course of normal business, if a vendor is calling in relation to an existing or past shipment where there is cause for concern regarding transportation, including the safe handling and delivery of items from or to a client of 300 Below. We desire to maintain good working relationships with freight representatives regarding our active customer shipments, but these conversations may not explore the prospect of soliciting business from 300 Below without working through the fair process established above for which we expect ALL freight vendors to go through in order to obtain our business in the future.


We appreciate your time in reading this freight policy, and look forward to working with you to establish a mutually beneficial relationship should you choose to do business with 300 Below.