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Optimize Your Aerospace Components

300 Below’s Cryogenic Processing makes metals stronger
for deep space exploration, manned and unmanned aviation, and intelligence / surveillance / reconnaissance (ISR) equipment.

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When tight tolerances mean green-lighting a target or not, 300 Below delivers platform stability to ensure your visual acuity and operational readiness remains best-in-class.

Our technology upgrades your critical components, tools, and parts.  Cryogenic processing allows you greater confidence to trust that your at-risk metals and other sensitive materials will be at peak performance when it matters most.



The Future of Metals

Maximum Performance

Maximum Performance

The proprietary freezing process we use changes the molecular structure of a metal to slow corrosion, stress, wear, and warping. That way your essential tools and vehicles are operating at peak performance… and so can you..

Improved Safety

Total Confidence & Improved Safety

Our process extends the life of your metals, so your equipment and vehicles are ready to perform when you need them. Our process keeps you at peak performance – with no warping equipment to stall your objectives or risk your safety.

Stronger Metals

Stronger Metals

 Your people are trained to handle stress and difficult situations. Their equipment should work just as hard. Treated metals see up to 300% improvement and last up to 600% longer.

Materials Impacted

Steel, Iron, Copper, Aluminum, Carbide, and some Polymers are all able to benefit from our cryogenic tempering process.  If we add an optional heat treatment after our freezing process, we have termed this “cryogenic tempering” because of the additional benefit.  Since all changes to metals take place on the quench, our cryogenic treatment process is a natural extension of the heat treatment process that your parts are normally subjected to.


Featured Industries

Our technology improves satellites, telescopes, helicopters, planes and drones.
Our equipment is in 30+ countries, and our decades-old treatment profiles are called-for engineering specifications inside NASA, DoD and quality-minded organizations





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Our Process is simple

Make your metal parts better with cryogenic processing for longer lasting, wear-resistant equipment.


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Our Story

We obsessed with making metals stronger, last longer, and perform at their best. We know that we can save you money and improve your metals.
Celebrating over 50 years in business, we have saved thousands of businesses and consumers money by processing millions of pounds of steel through our facilities.


“Our fleet mechanic reports that the rotors are showing none of the warpage or heat cracks encountered with non-treated rotors!…The life of the brake rotor has increased by over 3 1/2 times that of an untreated rotor.”

If you can’t find your specific application listed on our website, contact us directly to see if it is compatible with our process.

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