Fortifying Military Might: Enhancing Firearms and Armored Vehicles with Cryogenic Metal Treatment

Maximize the performance and lifespan of firearms and armored
vehicles in your defense arsenal with 300 Below’s cryogenic
treatment process. Experience improved accuracy, durability,
and reliability in your critical defense components.


Enhance Firearm
Accuracy and Lifespan

booast burability

Boost Durability of
Armored Vehicles

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Achieve Improved
Metal Stability

Exceptional Performance, Maximum Operational Readiness

In the defense arena, the stakes are high, and there is no room for equipment
failure. With 300 Below’s cryogenic treatment, ensure your firearms and armored
vehicles are at their optimal performance and ready for any mission.


Enhance Firearm Accuracy and Lifespan

Our cryogenic treatment significantly improves the accuracy and potentially triples the lifespan of firearm barrels. Experience a marked performance improvement that gives your operations a distinct edge.

boost durability

Boost Durability of Armored Vehicles

Increase the service life of critical components such as brake rotors in armored vehicles like HMMWV and JLTV. Benefit from enhanced durability under extreme conditions, reducing maintenance needs and costs.


Achieve Improved Metal Stability

Our cryogenic process enhances the molecular structure of metals, leading to improved stability and precision in all your defense applications, optimizing your operations.

Materials Impacted

We at 300 Below understand the crucial role that durability and precision play in defense
operations. Our cryogenic treatment process refines the structure of metals in firearms and
armored vehicles, contributing to enhanced performance and resilience in high-stake missions.


Invest in exceptional performance and longevity for your defense metals with our cryogenic treatment. Please contact us for a personalized quote.

Revolutionizing Defense Capabilities
From precision-enhanced firearms to robust armored vehicles, our cryogenic process can bring transformative improvements to a wide range of defense applications. Experience enhanced performance and durability of at-risk metals, contributing to mission success and operational readiness.


Firearm Barrels

Our cryogenic treatment potentially triples the lifespan of gun barrels and enhances their accuracy.


Brake Rotors

Improve the durability of brake rotors in armored vehicles, and reduce maintenance costs.


Transmission Components

Enhance the performance of vehicle transmissions, leading to smoother operation and extended component life.


Engine Parts

Improve the reliability of military vehicle engine parts, ensuring smooth operations under the toughest conditions.


Aircraft Landing Gear

Strengthen critical components of aircraft landing gear, enabling them to withstand high-stress conditions.


Naval Propeller Shafts

Increase the lifespan of naval propeller shafts, leading to a reduction in maintenance and replacement costs.


Military Tools & Equipment

Improve the resilience and lifespan of field tools, ensuring reliable performance even in harsh conditions.


Tank Tracks & Pads

Extend the lifespan of tank tracks and pads (when using polymer materials), which helps reduce the frequency of replacements and downtime.


Drone Components

Improve visual acuity and reliability in military drones, among optical housings and mounting hardware, to improve performance, durability, and stabilization.


Weapon Mounts and Attachments

Increase the reliability and lifespan of weapon mounts and attachments.


Nuclear Submarine Components

Enhance the longevity and reliability of vital nuclear submarine components, enabling smoother operations under extreme conditions.


Parachute Harnesses

Increase the durability and lifespan of parachute harness components, ensuring optimal performance and safety.


Military-grade Electronics

Extend the lifespan of military-grade electronics by enhancing the reliability of their key components and housings.

With our innovative cryogenic treatment, you can enhance a broad array of military applications. You will gain superior reliability, reduced maintenance and downtime, and significant cost savings over time. Experience the edge that 300 Below’s cryogenic treatment provides in military operations.

Our Process is simple

Make your metal parts better with cryogenic processing for longer lasting, wear-resistant equipment.


Identify at-risk

Step 1


Upgrade your parts
with our process

Step 2

Handle With Care

Perform with

Step 3


Our Story

Navigating the demanding environment of military operations calls for reliability, performance, and the most stringent standards of precision. At 300 Below, we understand this deeply. Our cryogenic treatment process helps ensure that your equipment is not just more durable, but more reliable, allowing for less downtime and fewer failures.
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“Maximize Your Defense Capabilities”
Download our Cryogenic Processing Overview brochure to explore how our technology can revolutionize your defense operations.

discover cryogenic processing

“Maximize Your Defense Capabilities”
Download our Cryogenic Processing Overview brochure to explore how our technology can revolutionize your defense operations.