Joint Ventures

Since 1966, 300 Below, Inc. / Cryo-Tech has produced innovations in cryogenic processing for our two-part metallurgical enhancement services, known as cryogenic tempering. We are trusted worldwide for our technology, and aid businesses around the world to improve their metal components, resulting in increased durability, decreased downtime, and significant cost savings.


As manufacturing operations seek further cost savings to combat shrinking margins in commoditized markets, we rely on joint venture partners around the globe to help us with expanding our brand reach and access to regional operating areas where deep business and political relationships aid in rapid growth.


300 Below is committed to providing its joint venture partners with ongoing expert knowledge in cryogenic tempering, best practices for marketing and new business development, mentorship, training, as well as access to compartmentalized business systems that aid in research and development, account management, and decentralized process control of cryogenic treatment equipment.


We maintain industry best practices in every operating environment, continually offering our best-in-class 100% money back guarantee for every one of our cryogenic treatment services, for any reason, at any time following treatment. Frequent applications for cryogenic processing include enhancement of industrial tooling, dies, molds, and other wearable manufacturing components.


For more information on establishing a joint venture relationship in your country, please contact us directly for more information. We typically require a fixed percentage of gross revenue in exchange for providing ongoing support, as discussed above, in addition to the right to use our brand abroad while receiving inquiries through our website and other marketing channels that we aid in establishing. The minimum investment for a joint venture partner requires the purchase of cryogenic tempering equipment, as well as investment in local property, a minimal staff, and any appropriate local operating licenses. US$100,000 is a safe figure to assume for minimal working capital requirements. Sales and marketing expertise is required, as are deep relationships and a track record of positive past business performance. Trusted ethical business activity is expected and investigated.