Are Your Tools Failing You in Your Furniture Manufacturing Process

Boost efficiency, productivity, and quality with 300 Below’s Cryogenic Processing services.

extend lifespan

Extend Your Tools’

enhance efficiency

Enhance Efficiency and Productivity

receive money

Boost Cost Savings

Don’t let worn-out tools compromise your production line. Frequent downtime for tool replacements, increased maintenance costs, and inconsistent product quality can erode your profitability and reputation.

At 300 Below, we understand the challenges furniture manufacturers face. We were founded by engineers and craftsmen just like you, and we’ve dedicated over 50 years to perfecting our cryogenic process to help you get the most out of your tools.

extend tools

Extend Your Tools’ Lifespan

Cryogenically processed tools last longer, reducing the frequency of replacements and downtime.

enhance efficiency icon

Enhance Efficiency and Productivity

Our cryogenic processing refines the molecular structure of your tools, improving their performance and your productivity.

boost cost

Boost Cost Savings

With less frequent tool replacements and improved efficiency, you’ll experience significant cost savings.

Materials Impacted

Our cryogenic processing can enhance a wide range of tools used in furniture manufacturing including
bandsaw blades, circular saw blades, end mills, carbide inserts, drill bits, dies, stamps, and shears.


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Our Process is simple

Make your metal parts better with cryogenic processing for longer lasting, wear-resistant equipment.

identify at-risk metals

Identify at-risk

Step 1

upgrade your parts

Upgrade your parts
with our process

Step 2

perform with confidence

Perform with

Step 3

wood processing

Our Story

In the precise craft of furniture manufacturing, every tool holds the key to your masterpiece. But what if these tools could do more for you? What if they could help drive your business to new heights of productivity, quality, and profitability? At 300 Below, we make this possibility a reality through our cutting-edge cryogenic processing.
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“The Benefits of Cryogenic Processing in Furniture Manufacturing”

discover cryogenic processing
discover cryogenic processing

“The Benefits of Cryogenic Processing in Furniture Manufacturing”