Improve Barrel Performance and Take Your Best Shot

Our Cryo-Accurizing process reduces barrel stress to
improve accuracy


50% More


Extends Barrel

easier clean

Easier to

Gun barrel stress compromises accuracy and performance. With cryogenic processing, you can be confident with
every shot you take.


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Take Your Best Shots

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50% More Accurate

Barrels tend to bend and warp from heating and repetitive firing. This leads to larger groupings and inconsistency. Cryogenic processing makes the barrel smoother and more resistant to heat and friction, so it can hold tighter groupings with larger round counts.

barrel life

Extends Barrel Life

Our computer controlled cryogenic process is the proven way to eliminate barrel stress caused by manufacturing. Our proprietary process fills microscopic voids in the barrel to create a denser, smoother surface that reduces friction, heat, and wear.

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Easier to Clean

Because of the refined metal molecular structure, cryogenically processed barrels are easier to keep clean. The smoother and denser inside surface makes it easy to eliminate dirt, powder, and residue build up even after routine cleanings. 

Materials Impacted

Steel, Iron, Copper, Aluminum, Carbide, and some Polymers are all able to benefit from our cryogenic tempering process.  If we add an optional heat treatment after our freezing process, we have termed this “cryogenic tempering” because of the additional benefit.  Since all changes to metals take place on the quench, our cryogenic treatment process is a natural extension of the heat treatment process that your parts are normally subjected to.



Handgun Barrel


Handgun Barrel
& Frame


Rifle Barrel and
Action (8 lbs or


Shotgun (Includes
3 Chokes)


Double & Over/
Under (Includes 6


3 Additional


AR Barrels – Full


.50 Cal, Extra Heavy
Bull Barrels and Muzzle Loaders


Our Process is simple

Make your metal parts better with cryogenic processing for longer lasting, wear-resistant equipment.

identify at-risk metals

Identify at-risk

Step 1

upgrade your parts

Upgrade your parts
with our process

Step 2

perform with confidence

Perform with

Step 3

gun point

Our Story

We are obsessed with making metals stronger, last longer, and perform at their best.
We know that we can save you money and improve your metals.
Celebrating over 50 years in business, we have treated over 500,000 barrels.  We ensure no risk of damaging your barrel or the action of the firearm.  Have confidence with every shot!


“Our shooter was verifying long distance (600 yards) 1/4 MOA accuracy out of one of our new (2016 model) National Match rifles, with 20”416 stainless steel, 1:8 twist, using barrels cryo’d by you. This is a production rifle, not purpose-built for testing. Steve Mayer LE / Gov’t Sales Manager Rock River Arms.”

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discover cryogenic processing
discover cryogenic processing

Download our free benefits guide to Cryo-Accurizing!

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