Tractor Pulling

Some of the earliest practical applications of the cryogenic processing were in the racing industry. These successful motorsport applications, tractor pulling included, have been an ideal testing ground for cryo-treated gears, shafts, engines, bearings, and turbochargers.

In the motorsports where the high horsepower means everything, such as tractor pulling, any improvement in this field is more than welcomed. However, only the cryogenic treatment can guarantee the positive results.

How can tractor pulling racing teams benefit from cryogenic processing?

  • Cryo-treated ring and pinions don’t have to be replaced every racing seasons.
  • Significantly reducing a possibility of a failure.
  • Eliminates a possibility of breaking the rear axles.
  • Increased horsepower and torque.
  • You can go through the entire season with no breakage.
  • Most of the cryo-treated parts showed very little wear.
  • Cryo-treated parts and especially engines perform much better under high stress racing conditions.
  • Increased engine lifespan.
  • Significant increase in abrasive wear resistance.
  • Increased overall durability for an engine.
  • Improved tensile strength, toughness, and stability within the metals.
  • Release of the internal residual stresses.
  • Improved dimensional stabilization.
  • Improved performance of the parts associated with the chassis.
  • Much faster engines.
  • Ensuring a significant competitive edge.
  • Less taper.
  • Higher RPM.
  • Less vibration.
  • Lower overall cost of racing.

What parts of the tractor pulling vehicles can be cryo-treated?

  • Engines
  • Transmissions
  • Rear ends
  • Gears
  • Turbines

Cryogenic treatment is an affordable investment that protects the expensive racing components. When the tractor pulling racing teams, who used the cryogenic processing, break their engines down after a season of racing, they are totally amazed to find out that all engine components are almost like new.

It also goes without saying no racing team wants to experience the worst case scenario of having a component failure in the middle of a race. Therefore, cryogenic processing helps you finish first by making it certain that your tractor pulling vehicle will finish a face without failures.