Audio Enhancements for Tube Amplifier, Guitars, Pianos, and etc.

24 years aged in 24 hours. That’s the standing joke among musicians and audiophiles who rapidly age their instrument using 300 Below’s cryogenic treatment technology to add an unprecedented level of mellowness and depth to the notes they play or reproduce.


From rock bands’ guitar strings to philharmonic orchestral instruments, tube amplifiers, and even brass instruments used by jazz musicians, 300 Below has been providing the music industry and its musicians with cutting edge improvements that usually take years for instruments to start benefiting from. Whether you use a vacuum tube amp and want to improve your vacuum tube amplifier, or just have a standalone musical instrument, our cryogenic treatment process can help.


It is nothing new or surprising to the musicians that the musical instruments become and sound better over time.


The years of seasoning improve clarity, tone, and the overall playability of the instruments. Older instruments sound better and are easier to play. Now, thanks to cryogenic processing, a saxophone, horn, trumpet or guitar can be compared to a seasoned and aged instrument in a matter of hours. For electronics like transistors and tube amps, our process is the gold standard for rapidly enhancing audio reproduction so that sounds match the original instruments and the intent of the musician, vocal artist, and record engineer.


Musical instruments, such as flutes, horns, trombones and saxophones, benefit with a smoother and mellow sound, and musical instruments with strings, such as pianos, guitars and harps, benefit through improvements in rich tonality and depth from enhanced harmonic resonance.

How do audio components and vacuum tube amplifiers benefit from 300 Below’s cryogenic treatment process?

  • Elimination of residual stresses from fabrication and additional manufacturing processes.
  • Audio equipment exceeds original manufacturer specifications.Audio equipment exceeds original manufacturer specifications.
  • Cryogenically processed cables and cords provide an extended dynamic range.Cryogenically processed cables and cords provide an extended dynamic range.
  • High frequency range notes are clearer with less distortion from purer normalized waveforms, especially in tube amps.
  • Electrical and signal resistance is significantly reduced after cryogenic treatment.
  • Cryogenically processed tube amplifiers lower distortion and improve auditory saturation.
  • Longevity of cryogenically treated audio components and tube amplifiers is significantly increased.
  • A smoother warmer tonality means better tone qualities overall for creation and reproduction.
  • The level of sustain in holding a note is prolonged.
  • Positive changes in overtones allow for well-rounded, dynamic sounds.
  • Quicker response time and improved overall feel.


What additional enhancements happen when you use cryogenic treatment for audio components and tube amplifier?

  • Expanded dynamic range.Expanded dynamic range.
  • Smoother and more refined high frequency range.
  • Increased bass articulation.
  • More focused and deeper dimensional sounds.
  • Lowered dynamic noise floor.
  • Reduced microphonics.
  • Reduced vocal distortions.