Titanide Tungsten DiSulfide helps Aviation and Defense Aerospace Applications

Aviation manufacturing and maintenance operations are poised to benefit significantly from the application of Titanide to modern aircraft components.  Not only is there a reduction in surface drag when employed in cutting-edge defense applications, but the low temperatures required to apply Titanide mean that specialized metals will not be compromised.  For landing gear and other hydraulic applications, connectors and valves remain well lubricated regardless of altitude or ambient temperature.  Fueling systems are bolstered in their integrity once flanges and couplings are treated with Titanide.  Plus, the connectors, rivets, and fasteners used in both airframe component and structural applications are more likely to reduce galling and seizures after Titanide is applied.  Given the tight tolerance requirements from both defense and aviation applications, Titanide is an optimal lubricant because of it’s low dimensional buildup of 0.5 microns.

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