Cryogenically treated brake rotors are revered by fleet managers from around the world who rely on 300 Below to keep their vehicles on the road and out of the maintenance shop. Cryo Rotor® brake technology helps increase life for all types of brake rotors. Our special process gives you better performance and typically doubles the life of your rotors! While this process was originally developed for high performance racing teams, our Cryo Rotor® process can improve stopping power and longevity in high stress conditions. Because of our proven results, 300 Below’s Cryo Rotor® cryogenic brake technology is relied upon by emergency response organizations around the nation. We have treated brake rotors for all types of emergency vehicles, such as ambulances, fire engines, airport response units and police cruisers. And all of these vehicles benefit from our proprietary process. Transportation providers using taxi cabs and shuttle services also rely on Cryo Rotor® cryogenic brake technology to reduce their downtime and cut costs. Fleet vehicles for delivery service providers see noticeable performance gains throughout their entire fleet.

Racing teams have even reported that treated rotors let them compete in longer races on shorter tracks.

Longer life means less costs for you in maintenance and labor. Our 200% Promise also means our average customers are experiencing savings of over fifty percent on labor, fifty percent on rotor costs and fifty percent on downtime in relationship to the associated costs for frequently changing brake rotors. Volume Pricing is available for large fleets.

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This unit fits Freightliner FL60 Ambulance Chassis.



Testing Our Proprietary Cryogenic Process for Brake Rotors

Our Cryo Rotor® Brake Value Proposition For 20% cost, receive 200% longer life guaranteed on average for your fleet of vehicles. No risk…..all benefit.

If you are concerned about spending the bosses money, let us repeat that. 200% longer brake life guaranteed or 100% of the charge for cryo processing the brake rotor returned. It’s in writing, right here. ( We have been in business 40 years with over 100,000 invoices and have NEVER had a client ask for a return of money on brake processing. It really works.)

Give your truck fleet a significant competitive advantage. Brakes are a top expense and cost for truck fleet maintenance. Lets do some simple math here. If fleet brake maintenance is 20% of a budget, and we reduce that by 75%…..your company just got a whole lot more profitable. When diesel fuel, trucks and drivers all cost the same for each trucking company, dropping brake expense by 75% is a significant competitive advantage. 300 Below/CryoTech has been treating brake rotors since 1974. We quietly treat for fleets nationwide, because they want a significant competitive advantage. We developed the Cryo Rotor® process which numerous of our competitors have tried to copy…….and we are millions of pounds and decades ahead of the competition. Our process is researched, refined and proprietary. The great news for you is: Fleet maintenance costs go down. You receive the benefit of perfect fleet brake processing, every time. When it comes to maintenance and brakes, a life safety item, it is all about performance. 300 Below is the largest cryogenic processing company in the industry worldwide. Our pledge to you is saving rotor money, with an unquestionable quality of brake processing and service. We pledge to be 15% lower than the competition in rotor cryo processing cost. So if you find a lower cost, even from shipping, just give us a call and say “I want my 15% Cryo Rotor advantage!” Great processing, top service and a lower Cryo Rotor® price. Give us a call and let’s start saving your resources and money! Cryo Rotor® is a trademarked process. We’d enjoy showing you how to improve brake life and decrease maintenance expense. We need your brake business, and you need us.

And if your boss allows it, we will pay $500 to you for a video testimony of results from each unique fleet! (Just take it with a Kodak Zi8 or Flip Camera and send us the original .MOV file.)

Give us a call at 800-550-2796.


Who is talking about Cryo Rotor® Brake Technology?

Our fleet mechanic reports that the rotors are showing none of the warpage or heat cracks encountered with non-treated rotors!…The life of the brake rotor has increased by over 3 1/2 times that of an untreated rotor.

Ambulance Company

In ongoing tests, our [State Police program] reports Cryo Rotor® treated rotors had triple the life and showed no signs of warpage or cracking. Our tests are still going.
State Police Testing Program
We’ve run a delivery route for almost 30 years. Needless to say, I’ve had my share of vehicle repairs and brakes are probably the most common repair that we do.  Everytime I would replace our rotors, they would seem to warp after a few months.  A local mechanic recommended it that we cryogenically freeze our rotors with 300 Below. I’ve known about 300 below, but forgot about freezing metal to strengthen it.
What a big difference that made!  Our rotors not only stopped warping– the brake pads lasted much longer!  After 35,000 miles, I brought my van back to our local mechanic.  I thought for sure the brake pads would be worn out — he told me that half the life was still remaining on the brake pads.  That’s money well spent to save money.  This is my true testimonial: anytime I need rotors, I always get them from 300 Below. Thanks again!
– William Waite
Waite’s Dry Cleaners
Amsoil Brake Rotor, treated by 300 Below Cryogenic Tempering Services
I have a Chevy G3500 Express van that I use for a mix of transportation, sales calls and deliveries. I sell Amsoil synthetic lubricants. We have customers throughout the U.S. that we service straight from the Amsoil warehouse system, but in my local area I often deliver to our customers myself. I often tow a camper and also a 10,000 lbs. cargo trailer. Other times I have 4000 lbs. of cargo in the van. I put 300 Below rotors on the van shortly after I bought it. Since the OEM pads were practically new, I only changed the rotors.

The brakes now have 116,000 miles on them. I’m including some pictures of the brakes to show how much pad is left. I will be surprised if I don’t reach the 200,000 mile mark before I have to change the original pads. Changing to the 300 Below rotors gave me a better pedal feel, and stopping distance was improved. There is still no sign of warping. The brakes feel as smooth as they did new.

Thank you for a great product! If your customers have any questions, please have them call me at 301-481-3333.

Jay Hansen

Regency Direct Jobber

Lubrication Solutions, Inc.

The rotors are — in a word — AMAZING! The customer’s production based road race car was EATING brake rotors AND pads. Not only did the treated rotors easily last all weekend, but there was still brake pad left – almost 40 percent.
Road Racing Team

300 Below Cryo Rotor® Technology Testimonial

Cryo Rotor brake rotors have been used on Decatur Ambulance Company ambulances since November 1998!

Cryo Rotor brake rotors have been used on Decatur Ambulance Company ambulances since November 1998!