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    cryo-barrel-newCRYO-Barrel Stress Relief eliminates many problems associated with shifting barrels in order to increase accuracy and reduce weapon downtime for rifles, pistols, shotguns and many other types of guns. Wind, temperature, vibration, personal skill, and targets are enough variables to keep you busy while shooting. A stress-affected barrel should not be another concern.





CRYO-Barrel Stress Relief is a computer-controlled scientific dry cryogenic tempering process which relieves stress in firearm barrels and takes only SEVENTY-TWO (72) hours to process at our facility in Decatur, IL and permanently improve your weapon for the better! Stress normally causes a barrel, whether in rifles, pistols, or shotguns, to bend or warp as it heats up from repeated firing. This warping causes a stringing, walking or wandering effect in the shot group. After 300 Below’s patented Cryo Accurizing™ process, the movement of the barrel is significantly reduced. The end result is a firearm barrel with proven, increased performance, resulting in significant accuracy improvements and extended barrel life. Firearms are also noticably easier to clean and maintain, ensuring that your weapons stay operational and on target in times of critical need.

Many crew-served military weapons (such as machine guns) are fired at their cyclic or rapid rates for long durations, thus becoming more prone to error from their extremely hot barrels. This often may lead to permanent damage of the weapon. After a firearm is frozen, our process also reduces the likelihood that a weapon will be damaged when firing for extended periods of time, as shifting and warping of the molecular structure is dampened significantly after our one-time irreversible treatment. Shotguns, rifles and pistols are all shown to benefit significantly.

300 Below treats weapons for casual shooters, competition shooters, law-enforcement personnel, and military service members around the world. Whether you’re looking to treat a rifle, pistol, shotgun, machine gun (like the M249 SAW pictured below) or even a tank barrel, we have the experience and capacity to ensure that it is treated accurately and professionally every time. In times where every shot counts and your life depends on the uptime of the weapon, 300 Below helps remove uncertainty and helps shooters perform at their peak. We treat weapons for all branches of the military, ERT, HRT, SWAT, and many other undisclosed agencies protecting top leaders around the world. When accuracy and servicability is critical, shooters in-the-know depend on 300 Below to provide the extra edge they need to succeed.

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Call For Custom Pricing

800-550-CRYO (2796)

100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

Over 50,000 Gun Barrels Successfully Processed

So, here’s how to get your gun treated in three simple and easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Pack up your one (1) barrel or barreled action so that you are comfortable throwing it hard against the wall.
  2. Send it to 300 Below, Inc. at 2999 E. Parkway Drive, Decatur, IL 62526
  3. After you call for pricing, enclose a check made payable to 300 Below, Inc. (This includes return shipping for one barrel.)

That’s it! We will process your gun barrel in 72 hours and ship it back to you with $300 of insurance.

This price does not include .50 cal, bull barrels, muzzle loaders, AKs, ARs, or double-barreled shotguns. We will make exceptions for treatment of double-barreled and over/under barrels, so long as those barrels are treated at the owner’s own risk. It is our policy not to treat weapons with certain types of silver solder. Speak to your sales representative at 300 Below for more information. Please call us at 217-423-3070 for custom pricing if you’ve got one of those types of barrels!

And, like we said before, the process is 100% guaranteed or your money back if you are not pleased for ANY reason.

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for our Cryo-Barrel stress relief technology.

The Cryo-Barrel Process

guns1.jpgTo relieve internal stresses in a rifle the proprietary CRYO-Barrel Stress Relief thermally processes the firearm barrel with a 600 degree range. It cycles the entire rifle barrel slowly and carefully (under a programmed computer profile) through a wide temperature range, with both “hot” and “cold” temperatures, in a process that can last more than 72 hours. Cryo Accurizing works.The CRYO-Barrel Stress Relief process is completely computer-controlled to within 1 degree Fahrenheit throughout the entire cycle. Initially, the rifled barrel is taken down to -300°F, held at that temperature, and then the rifle is slowly brought up through our profile to elevated tempering cycles. The Deep Cryogenic Processor is a dry process, thus no liquid comes in contact with your firearm barrel. Our attention to detail throughout this process eliminates the chance of thermal shock and micro-cracking to your weapon. Everything from an AR-15 to a 700, bull barrel, sniper rifle or .22 will benefit. If you’re interested a few technical details, read on… CRYO-Barrel Stress Relief permanently refines the grain structure of a firearm barrel at the molecular level and thermal cycling produces a stabilized steel barrel structure. Steels are crystalline. Alloying elements precipitate from the thermomechanical cycling as submicron eta carbides unifying the interstitial boundaries of the lattice structure of the barrel, better unifying the molecular structure. Like a jigsaw puzzle that has been assembled, additional covalent molecular bonding adds to coherence. This creates a more uniform, smoother gun surface reducing friction, heat and wear. (If you don’t believe us, check out the scientific research articles section. Do you think the labs at Los Alamos are wrong?) Velocities usually increase by by 60 FPS on average after our process. The result for you is tighter shot groups in both handguns and rifles, and more consistent coverage and placement of shotgun patterns. Rifles like the AR-15, M16-A2, M16-A4, M4, M1 and .50 caliber sniper assemblies are notably easier to clean. Clients have reported 200-350% more shots before a barrel is “shot out” in calibers such as .308 and .223, .17 and .22. Increased shooting accuracy, tighter shot groups, better shooting scores, less stringing, easier cleaning and longer life are all claimed repeatedly by our clients whether .556 or 7.62 or .243 or any other bore. In 12 gauge shotguns, pattern shift (movement of pattern print from point of aim) from heated shooting has been reduced by as much as 12″. The pattern of a shotgun stays the same diameter, but the point of aim on a 12 gauge or 20 gauge can shift in a heated barrel as much as 12″ on a 36″ pattern at 30 yards. After cryogenic processing, the pattern will shift by usually less than 3″ after 25 rounds of ammunition. Skeet and Trap scores can be notably improved. Once again, you are the sole judge. If you don’t agree, ONE call gets an unconditional refund. 100%. We’ve written four checks in forty years. And to improve your shooting, it’s frankly the best (and least amount of) money you can invest. Once you realize how much you like it, tell a friend. 1,000 yard standing records have been broken by rifles with this process. Cryo Accurizing works. We’ve been processing guns, rifles and .50 Cal sniper barrels for 40 years, and competitors still don’t have our process knocked off. Similar, but not nearly the same. Let’s be honest, close only works in hand grenades…..

All Guns Have Barrel Stress

Before and After Cryogenic Processing with Hunting Rifle Shot GroupsAll firearms are produced with internal stresses. As the metal is bored, reamed and machined, mechanical stresses are created. As forgings and castings cool, the differing rates of temperature change introduce residual stresses. Heat treating leaves thermal stresses behind.. Careful manufacturing, of course, provides barrels that shoot well…stresses and all. However, CRYO-Barrel Stress Relief can even improve benchrest-quality barrels by relieving the internal stresses…with no risk of damage to the barrel or the action of a fine gun. Stresses cause barrels to twist and arc as they heat up from firing. This is one reason why good three-shot rifle groups are easier to get than good five-shot groups. Shotguns are effected in the same way. For example, at the end of a typical 10-shot sporting clays station pattern placement can shift up to six inches. With 25 shots, pattern placement can shift up to 12 inches, which is the equivalent of a 40% miss area. rifle.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the turnaround time?Turnaround is five(5) to seven(7) days.
  • Can I send my barrel with the receiver?YES. However, [highlight]it must be stripped.[/highlight] While 300 Below does treat bolt or trigger mechanisms, any stock and plastic pieces must be removed. Scope mounts may remain attached.
  • Does the process help Stainless Steel barrels as well as Blue (Chrome Moly)?YES. The Deep Cryogenic Process will relieve the stress in most all types of steel.
  • What is the maximum length of barrel you can treat?We have treated barrels from a .380 Auto to a 9-foot 30 mm Cannon, and everything in between
  • Is the Stress Relief Permanent?Yes. The stress relief is a permanent, one-time, irreversible process.
  • Does the freezing process affect the cleaning of the barrel?YES. Most shooters have reported that their barrels clean much easier and that the velocity increased about 50-60 f.p.s. See our testimonials.
  • Should I treat the blank or finished part?Both can be treated for different reasons. The blank or round is treated for the benefits of the gunsmith because it improves the machinability and dimensional stability. The finished barrel, of course, is treated for the benefits of the shooter because of the stress relief and wear resistance.
  • Will the cryogenic process affect the barrel finish?No, the process will not affect the barrel finish (Blue, Parkerized, Teflon, etc.)
  • Can I freeze my older barrels?Older O-U & SxS shotguns with soft soldered barrels should NOT be subjected to our process.


One thing was clear from the start – there had been a tremendous increase in the accuracy of barrel brought about by the deep freeze alone. Geza Nagy PRECISION SHOOTING
I test fired one of my XP-100’s – the average group size was 1.370″ at 200 yards. I removed this barrel and sent it to you for stress relief. I am very pleased to report the average group size is now .786″. This is a reduction of .584″! I am very happy with the results. Frank Glenn, President ACCURACY UNLIMITED
The first thing noticed was that cleaning was much easier after the deep freeze…and very exciting to me was a 52% DECREASE in group size. LTC Ellis, Sr. Master Marksman
I’ve now had six barrels treated…and every confounded one of them has shot better after the treatment. What the treatment did to a couple of previously ho-hum barrels was amazing. Merrill Martin PRECISION SHOOTING
Thank you for the opportunity to learn about and take advantage of your Cryo-Barrel treatment. That weekend after getting it back my Remington 700 22-250, I put it together and once I hit paper, the groups were amazing. The gun shot like a different gun. I shot some groups of 5 and 6 shots at 100 yards and almost every group I could cover with a quarter, then when the barrel was pretty warm, I shot 10 shots in short order while trying to keep a tight group. I think I pulled a couple because 2 of the 10 were off a little, but 8 I could cover with a quarter. The barrel was hot enough that you couldn’t keep you hand on it. I am sold on this process. Never before when the barrel warmed up would the gun hold a group, it would walk off high and to the right. Seems you guys might be a best kept secret because most people I’ve been bragging to, never heard of the process. I plan to pass the word around and hopefully you’ll see some business from it. Sean J. Martin, Vice President WRB Inc., Wright Bros Supply Santa Rosa, CA
My rifle project came out better than I had expected. I shot my first groups at 100 yards. And hit them at less than 1/4″ from each other. I had a friend of mine with me and he is an avid shooter and he told me not to clean it and keep shooting. I kept shooting and it got better. The best group I had at 100 yards. Were 5 shots at about 1/8″ and at 200 yards it didn’t change much. You guys are awesome. Keep up the great work. Robert Cabrera Alice, TX
“Just back from the Dixie Grand Trapshoot. I had a chance to shoot both barrels that 300 Below Cryo’d. Even though I didn’t shoot my best scores there, neither did many of the top shooters in the country. The weather was cold and windy and all scores in all categories were much lower this year than in the past. I just want to say I felt my barrels you treated performed flawlessly, and in each event they got better. I scored better on the last 50 targets on each 100 and feel it was due in part with the improved accuracy resulting from my point of impact remaining the same. What I saw in the capability of the way my shotgun shoots during the match as it heats up has given me renewed confidence to shoot good scores in the upcoming season! Thanks again for the great job you did and your support in helping me in my sport!” John Payne Bowling Green, KY
“I wanted to take the time to tell you how my AR15 14” carbine barrel turned out. The barrel that I sent you was stringing shots right to left 9 inches and bottom to top 6 inches at 100 yards from a precision rest. It literally shot around the 6 inch center of the target as the barrel warmed up. I got the barrel back from you and re-assembled the gun. This time, however, I was not able to go to the range, so I settled on going up a nearby canyon to test it out. At 89 yards (Laser Verified) resting on the hood of my Jeep (kinda wobbly) It shot a 1.5 inch 5 shot group. That tells me that this gun will now shoot sub minute of angle groups at 100 yards from a good rest. What an incredible turn around. I cannot see how any barrel, no matter how good it shoots, would not benefit from your treatment. You will be seeing the rest of my barrels in the near future. Thank you for your service.” Bob Creighton

A Word Of Caution

CAUTION: Don’t take chances with your barrel! Do not be fooled by our imitators, who suggest they can provide professional gun treatment with cryogenic tempering.
We hear stories from misled shooters who have incurred rust, pitting, stress or failure inside of their barrels.[/div] There are no shortcuts. There are firms with liquid nitrogen processors who do not have the 300 Below Inc. CRYO-Barrel Stress Relief Process. Abrupt contact with the liquid nitrogen will create stresses – not cure them. The results can be adverse at best – even disastrous. 300 Below Inc., in Decatur, Illinois is the headquarters and parent company of CRYO-Barrel Stress Relief. The process for treating weapons using cryogenics originated here, at our facilities, where most major commercial cryogenic developments have been pioneered. [highlight]We utilize a proprietary computer profile and control program for the treatment of firearm barrels.[/highlight] It’s perfected, it’s the original, it’s reliable, and IT WORKS!! For forty years competitors have been seeking to copy our created markets. We have even seen these curious folks post “caution” notices on their websites while copying many of our photos. The first patent issued for processing firearms was created in house by our team. We still lead the pack in terms of cutting edge research and development. When you trust us to treat your firearms, we back our word with an unconditional money-back guarantee. We can count on two hands the number of minor incidents we’ve had after processing well over 50,000 barrels, and each incident was promptly resolved by our team. We average less than a single scratch every three years. We invite you to see our state of the art 10,000 s.f. facility. There’s a reason the military, like many other professional shooting groups in the past, continues to trust us to get the job done. You never regret investing a few dollars more in quality workmanship. We are extremely thorough. We have refused to take shortcuts for forty years, and relentlessly strive to do it right. The first time. Every barrel is treated as if your life depended on it. We know that in MANY cases, it actually does.