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Tooling / Dies / Cutters

Titanide Tungsten DiSulfide helps Tooling, Dies and Cutters

How much money will your company make when the output of your dies increases by 50-200%?  What about from a reduction in downtime? Titanide results in increased profitability to manufacturing operations by ensuring large gains in wear resistance and lubricity. Contact and friction points on dies also create wear, and so does each new workpiece by introducing two- and three-particle abrasive wear to the die, ultimately leading to the removal of dimensional tolerances which cause dies to become unserviceable.  Coupled with deep cryogenic treatment, Titanide ensures that the structure of a die, from inside to outside, is protected from spalling, galling, and erosive wear.  What about tooling and cutters?  It’s important to look beyond the sharpened “fine” edge of tooling or cutters to discover what really matters when you’re focused on improving wear resistance: trailing edges are a leading cause of tooling burn-up and overall cutter failure.  Titanide ensures drag from trailing edges is greatly diminished given the lubricious nature of Tungsten DiSulfide particles.

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