Gears and Crankshafts

Titanide Tungsten DiSulfide helps Gears and Crankshafts

Gear roll-over is a leading point of failure for most gear-related challenges.  From a single tangential point of loading, the  squared edge of a gear may hit the side of another gear.  With 100% of torque and load resting on that point, threading and micro-fracturing result.  The gear rolls over and rounds out its squared edges, requiring replacement of the gear.  Yet with Titanide, gears are so lubricious that there is never a single point of contact and friction is lowered overall.  With less heat and greater motor efficiency (since less power is required to turn the gear), plus the precipitation of a micro-eta carbide structure from our cryogenic processing, the overall coherence of a gear’s molecular structure is bolstered.  Also, in applications where frequent shifting and cranking may result in an overall performance drop, Titanide enhances the wear-resistance of components while ensuring their peak utilization in all types of applications.  Rapid shifting is no longer prone to seizure, galling, or fretting, nor do costly maintenance problems become the norm after treatment.  Titanide has a lamellar structure that may be applied to all ferrous and non-ferrous metals while preventing spalling, too.

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