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Pristine Cleaning Solution

Non-Toxic    Non-Flammable    Non-Etching    Residue-Free    Reusable

Pristine Cleaning Solution is a unique non-toxic and environmentally-friendly cleaning solution engineered by 300 Below that removes carbon deposits and eliminates oil and lightweight grease upon contact.  PRISTINE cleaning solutions have a wide range of applications in multiple industries.  Whether improving the cleanliness of manufactured parts and equipment, or reducing the toxicity and environmental impact of an industrial operation,

PRISTINE has the ability to clean quickly and effectively under most any circumstance. Polishing compounds, rouges, rosin core flux lines, and other manufacturing particulate from metal surfaces, plastics and composites are no longer a maintenance headache with PRISTINE. Our solution rinses completely free of its applied surface area, ultimately leaving no additional residue or etching. That means zero problems and zero headaches for you.

Pristine Cleaning Solution’s unique suspension was perfected by the same chemist who invented Pine-Sol.

A quart of PRISTINE is cost effective, retailing for $19.97 for a 10:1 concentrate (~$2 per quart for the consumer) and even less for our industrial customers in bulk, and we have increased the dilution capabilities to ensure that every gallon of concentrated solution will generate ten gallons of effective cleaning capability when you add water to its optimal mix. Because we provide a concentrated package, your shipping costs are reduced. PRISTINE cleaning solutions are also reusable, and will continue to clean parts and equipment even after its initial application. More than any other competing cleaning product, PRISTINE offers an economically superior value proposition.

For industrial applications, PRISTINE is available exclusively in 55 Gallon Drum commercial packaging with volume pricing discounts. This solution includes a new formula that is twice as strong as a 20:1 concentration, and is not available in the retail market. We call our industrial cleaner “PRISTINE EXTREME” and only offer it for use inside our B2B accounts. For commercial cleaning applications, our carbon removing cleaning solution exceeds tough EPA guidelines, reduces pollution, and provides significant volume purchasing discounts to companies seeking a greener more environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

Keep in mind that PRISTINE is fully biodegradable, NON-TOXIC, Non-Caustic, and Non-Flammable.  It’s one of the only solutions out there that has optimal cleaning benefit and can be readily discarded without worrying about environmental impact or regulations.  The properties of PRISTINE will also be enhanced when used in a high-pressure spray, or an ultrasonic cleaning bath.

PRISTINE cleaning solutions are a proprietary formulation designed to a remove a wide variety of non-organic manufacturing debris and particulate. PRISTINE has demonstrated aggressive cleaning capabilities while not permeating or etching the surface of materials. Even inside applications involving gaskets or rubber seals, the materials were not negatively affected by PRISTINE. Beyond all of the aggressive cleaning power, our formulation rinses completely free of any residue.

One of the best qualities of PRISTINE is its user friendly aspect, which aids the reduction of costly disposal challenges and also reduced power requirements within plants and manufacturing applications since PRISTINE does not require high temperatures for its optimal cleaning abilities to take effect. Worker safety also improves due to the inherent aspects of utilizing a safer product.

Serving the firearms community… TRIPLE-TECH: Tactical Triad

Pristine is part of a unique tactical triad offered by 300 Below, Inc. as part of its commitment to serve the firearms community. Expert shooters rely on 300 Below to deliver innovation beyond its cryogenic process, and part of this solution includes a triple-technology solution that ensures a weapon is properly maintained throughout its service life. Firearms require solutions that factor in application of solvents, renovation (cleaning / restoration) of a substrate, and lubrication of parts subject to abrasion.

Our Pristine cleaning solution is best applied with our patented non-abrasive scrubbing mitt, called Pure Scrub, which removes a majority of carbon deposits with minimal user interaction. Once a substrate is returned to a servicable condition, we then apply Slip Mist, our non-toxic lubricant derived from high-oleic soybeans. The entire process occurs within a matter of minutes, and ensures that a weapon is not contributing a negative environmental impact following even thousands of rounds down range.

We believe that our tactical triad is a suitable replacement for common military applications where harsh chemicals are currently being used, and environmental impact becomes an after-thought to weapons conservation and protection of the end-user from chemical-related health complications.