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Knife Making

Cryogenic processing can be successfully applied to knife making. If it’s a heat treatable steel you are using for your knife making process then you can rest assured it will respond adequately to cryogenic treatment. 300 Below’s cryogenic processing technology can ensure 300-400% improvements and as a result your knives will regrind as half as much. With the 400% life increase you can expect up to 75% reduction in knife tooling costs.

What is cryogenic processing?

  • Ultra low temperature treatment of metals using liquid nitrogen released as a gas
  • Computer controlled process ensuring descent and ascent of temperatures in equilibrium with parts
  • The most cost effective method to extend life and reduce regrinding of your knives

What steel types are suitable for cryo knife making?

  • A2
  • S7
  • D2
  • 52100

What knife making processes benefit from cryogenic processing?

  • From 1″ knives to 100″ knives


What benefits knife making can obtain through cryogenic treatment?

  • The functional life of the knife doubles (refers to the number of regrinds you can do before the knife is worn out)
  • The operational life of the knife doubles (for example, the 100 pieces cut goes to 200 cuts)
  • Edge holding ability improves
  • Edge taking ability improves

Cryogenic treatment benefits knife making because:

  • Eliminates imperfections and voids in the grain structure, as a result a better edge and more consistent sharpening are ensured
  • Knife edges stay sharper and hold longer due to enhanced resistance to wear
  • Less cracking failures associated with the propagation of stress lines
  • Micro-smoothing at the molecular level ensures the reduction of the friction coefficient
  • Easier grinding and polishing with less material removal required to re-sharpen the edge