Sporting Clays

Sporting clays are very often described as “golf with a shotgun.” Shooting professionals and enthusiasts prefer them because a typical sporting clay course comes with a dozen of different shooting stations spread over natural terrain. Unlike the static shooting games that put an emphasis on repeatable target presentations, sporting clays simulates the dynamism and unpredictability of live-quarry shooting. There’s an abundance of different elevations, distances, trajectories, angles, speeds, and target sizes that are shooters find appealing.

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What are the benefits of our referral program for sporting clays?

  • We offer 20% commission on referral for sporting clays.
  • We have pioneered the process for treating weapons using cryogenics.
  • We can increase your membership and ensure additional revenues by improving the accuracy, barrel life, and especially the shooting range of firearms that are cryogenically treated.
  • We originated US Patent #5,865,913 “Deep cryogenic tempering process based on flashing liquid nitrogen through a dispersal system.” This very first patent issued for cryogenic processing of firearms was created in house by our team. More details:
  • We utilize a proprietary computer profile and control program for the treatment of firearm barrels.
  • We’ve cryogenically processed more than 50,000 barrels.
  • Our state-of-the-art facility includes more than 10,000 sq.ft.
  • We have been a trustworthy partner for the military, police, and many other professional shooting groups.
  • Our CRYO-Barrel Stress Relief is a computer-controlled scientific dry cryogenic tempering process which relieves stress in firearm barrels.
  • Our process takes only SEVENTY-TWO (72) hours to treat your firearms at our facility in Decatur, IL.
  • We treat weapons for all branches of the military, ERT, HRT, SWAT, and many other undisclosed agencies protecting top leaders around the world.
  • We offer an unconditional money back guarantee for your sporting clays.
  • You will have an absolute peace of mind because you know that all rifle ranges users and members you refer to us will be impressed by the results of our firearms cryogenic processing.
  • We will provide you with access to our marketing materials and know-how regarding cryogenic processing, so you can present the advantages of this process to your users and members in the best possible way.
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