Dominate Downtime,
Boost Performance

Unlock up to TRIPLE brake rotor life with Cryo Rotor™ brake rotors.

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Keep vehicles on
the road longer

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Save money with
less repairs

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Money back


Improve Vehicle Maintenance

Keeping your vehicle on the road and out of the shop is vital to your business. By
cryogenically processing your rotors, you will free up your maintenance dollars and make
your vehicle safer.


midwest year award
metro innovation award


“Our fleet mechanic reports that the rotors are showing none of the warpage or heat cracks encountered with non-treated rotors!…The life of the brake rotor has increased by over 3 1/2 times that of an untreated rotor.”

Mike Burkham, Decatur Ambulance

Drive with the best metal possible

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Keep Your Vehicles on
the Road

Cryogenically processed brake rotors can last up to 250% longer, keeping you out of the shop.

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Save Money

Our process extends the
life of your metals, which means you spend less on maintenance or repairs and keep that cash for something else.  Save 50% on labor cost. Save 50% on rotor cost.  Save 50% on cost associated with vehicle down time.

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Money Back

We offer an unconditional
money back guarantee on all Cryo Brake Rotors that go through our process.  We promise you will not be disappointed.


Steel, Iron, Copper, Aluminum, Carbide, and some Polymers are all able to benefit from our cryogenic tempering process.  If we add an optional heat treatment after our freezing process, we have termed this “cryogenic tempering” because of the additional benefit.  Since all changes to metals take place on the quench, our cryogenic treatment process is a natural extension of the heat treatment process that your parts are normally subjected to.

innovation year award

“Innovation of the Year in Manufacturing Technology”

Our proprietary process works for fleets or for any consumer.  You can send us your brake rotors or you can buy one of our proprietary brake rotors.  We pride ourselves on utilizing a green treatment process.

Our Process is simple

Make your metal parts better with cryogenic processing for longer lasting, wear-resistant equipment.

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Identify at-risk

Step 1

upgrade your parts
Upgrade your parts
with our process

Step 2

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Perform with

Step 3

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Our Story

We are obsess over making metals stronger, longer lasting and better performing. We are confident that improving your metals will save you money.
Celebrating over 50 years in business, we have saved thousands of manufacturers time and money by processing millions of pounds of steel through our facilities.

How much can you save on repairs?

Download our “Discover Cryogenic Processing” overview to learn more about our technology.

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cry rotor

How much can you save on repairs?

Download our “Discover Cryogenic Processing” overview to learn more about our technology.

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