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Many successful manufacturers are turning to cryogenic processing for longer lasting and better performing automotive parts. The cryogenic processing works regardless of the automotive metals. Whether it is steel involved or aluminum on aluminum or a cast iron sleeve in an aluminum block, the cryogenic treatment of the particular parts will do its job. This is not a very expensive treatment, considering the money that’s at stake for automotive manufacturers.

It’s an investment that pays itself off more than once in saved labor hours and new parts costs.

Test after test has proven that the advantages to automotive components and parts are significantly improved after being cryogenically treated. This cost effective treatment extends the life and improving safety of all treated components. The most recent tests and trials in the field have proven an amazing increases of three to five times when it comes to durability and strength improvements.

What is cryogenic processing?

  • An extension of the heat treatment process
  • Ultra low temperature treatment of metals using liquid nitrogen released as a gas
  • Computer controlled process ensuring descent and ascent of temperatures in equilibrium with automotive parts
  • The most cost effective method to extend life and reduce wear for all automotive related parts

What automotive aftermarket parts can benefit from cryogenic processing?

  • Ring & Pinion
  • Bearings
  • Transaxles / axles
  • Input shaft
  • Transmission
  • Transmission gears

What are the benefits of cryogenic treatment for automotive aftermarket?

  • Significantly longer life of cryogenically treated parts
  • Significantly less breakage
  • More reliability
  • Cost effective
  • One time treatment
  • Higher wheel horsepower (1-2%) due to reduction in friction
  • Combination of less heat, less abrasive wear, reduced corrosion, and stress relief and stabilization in many components after forging