Titanide Tungsten DiSulfide helps Pumps and Valves

Most rotary pumps are prone to their stator and rotor components wearing out, as well as to subjective wear of the vanes inside the pump which handle the flow of raw materials.  Titanide adds another level of protection to the interior pump infrastructure of rotary pumps by resisting the impingement from sandpaper-like particles of raw materials.  Reducing abrasive wear ultimately prolongs pump longevity and ensures a more efficient flow throughout the pump and its connected tubing.  For centrifugal pumps, the abrasive wear on the shaft and its bearings is reduced while increasing lubricity throughout the entire structure.  When Titanide is coupled with cryogenic processing, the entire coherence of the molecular structure bonded with Tungsten DiSulfide results in unsurpassed performance gains from an increase in pumping ability and lifetime efficiency of the pump overall.  Servo valves and solenoids also see increased performance gains with less seizures and overall drag reduction with surface contact and closure.

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