Titanide Tungsten DiSulfide helps Medical and Dental Equipment

Doctors and Dentists are in great appreciation of Titanide and its unique ability to prolong the safe operation of the most sensitive medical and dental equipment.  Because of its impervious nature, our Tungsten DiSulfide treatment will withstand even the most severe sterilization procedures, including exposure to gamma radiation and ethylene oxide.  With its continued usage on surgical instruments, pharmaceutical tablet punches, drug delivery device molds, and even MRI equipment, Titanide remains a formidable lubrication option for a wide variety of equipment applications.  When tablets and other pills touch containers coated with Titanide they won’t stick like before, resulting in productivity enhancements to pharmaceutical production lines.  Endosurgery tools and insertion devices benefit from a decrease in friction, which may result in an increase to patient comfort during a procedure and the positive difference in precision required for steady hands — or even a robotic assist in surgery.

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