300 Below’s cryogenic processors are custom built to enable scalable large volume processing of metal components.

Unlike other companies who produce inefficient “all-in-one” units, each new 300 Below cryogenic processor is computer-controlled to descend and ascend temperatures using multiple cascade cooling systems from room temperature down to -80˚C (-112˚F ), followed by the introduction of liquid nitrogen for final descent down to a minimum temperature of -195˚C (-319˚F), or just above the boiling point of liquid nitrogen.  This ensures that components are only subjected to gases and are not placed at risk of thermal shock from direct liquid exposure.  The ascent returns components to room temperature, where they are then transferred into separate ovens for final tempering.  This remains important because efficiency is obtained when items are placed as tightly together as possible during the freezing process, and then separated for air flow and convection in an oven afterward.  “All-in-one” units do not obtain this efficiency because there is no separation stage following the deep cryogenic treatment of components prior to metallurgical tempering.

Every cryogenic processor is built by 300 Below to last several decades.  Our production units have processed millions of pounds without missing a beat.  Our cryogenic processors are sought out by NASA, the US National Laboratories, and private industry for their unmatched reliability, durability, and ease of use.  Every unit includes a one-year comprehensive warranty that covers any additional parts and labor requirements.

Cryo Processors for High Volume Applications

 Investing in an on-site cryogenic processor may make sense when treatment volumes exceed 500 lbs. (225 kg.) per month.  Our primary users often employ our cryogenic equipment inside manufacturing operations with high turn tooling inventory.  We make tooling last longer, often 300% longer for 20% cost of the item.   When supply chain considerations require inventory to be tightly managed, 300 Below cryogenic processor units ensure that supply chain consistency is not interrupted by delays in shipping.  Our units are best suited for processing twice a week.  In our own operations, we prefer to process every Tuesday and Friday.

Our cryogenic processors are also excellent when used in-house for research purposes.  NASA and other U.S. Government-funded Research Institutions trust 300 Below’s custom cryogenic processing equipment to facilitate research and development, material testing, and other materials science projects.

For groups interested in working with the 300 Below brand in their local operating environment, we offer a comprehensive joint venture program to introduce cryogenic tempering into new markets around the world.  After the purchase of a cryogenic processor, we provide full sales and marketing training and support.  As we grow worldwide, in a collaborative economy, we will ensure that our joint venture partners are leading the industry while being armed with the newest research and development, best practices, and in-depth knowledge about successful operations are best managed.