Cryo-Barrel Stress Relief for Rifles and Shotguns

CRYO-Barrel Stress Relief (Logo)CRYO-Barrel Stress Relief increases accuracy and reduces weapon downtime for rifles, pistols, shotguns and many other gun types. Wind, temperature, vibration, personal skill, and targets are enough variables to keep you busy while shooting. A stress-affected barrel should not be another concern.


CRYO-Barrel Stress Relief is a computer-controlled scientific dry cryogenic tempering process which relieves stress in firearm barrels and takes only SEVENTY-TWO (72) hours to process at our facility in Decatur, IL. We permanently improve your weapon for the better! Stress normally causes a barrel, whether in rifles, pistols, or shotguns, to bend or warp as it heats up from repeated firing. This warping causes a stringing, walking or wandering effect in the shot group. After 300 Below’s patented Cryo Accurizing™ process, the movement of the barrel is significantly reduced.  The end result is a firearm barrel with proven, increased performance, resulting in significant accuracy improvements and extended barrel life.  Firearms are also noticeably easier to clean and maintain, ensuring that your weapons stay operational and on target in times of critical need.

Before and After Cryogenic Processing - Rifle Shots Pattern Shifting Tighter Shot GroupsMany crew-served military weapons (such as machine guns) are fired at their cyclic or rapid rates for long durations, thus becoming more prone to error from their extremely hot barrels.  This often may lead to permanent damage of the weapon.  Once a firearm is frozen, our process also reduces the likelihood that a weapon will be damaged when firing for extended periods of time, as shifting and warping of the molecular structure is dampened significantly after our one-time irreversible treatment.  Shotguns, rifles and pistols are all shown to benefit significantly.

300 Below treats weapons for casual shooters, competition shooters, law-enforcement personnel, and military service members around the world.  Whether you’re looking to treat a rifle, pistol, shotgun, machine gun (like the M249 SAW pictured below) or even a tank barrel, we have the experience and capacity to ensure that it is treated accurately and professionally every time.  In times where every shot counts and your life depends on the uptime of the weapon, 300 Below reduces uncertainty and helps shooters perform at their peak.  We treat weapons for all branches of the military, ERT, HRT, SWAT, and many other undisclosed agencies protecting top leaders around the world.  When accuracy and serviceability is critical, shooters in-the-know depend on 300 Below to provide the extra edge they need to succeed.

Marine Corps Rifleman with Cryogenically Treated M249 SAW


We were issued US Patent #5,865,913 for our unique firearm treatment process.

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