Cryo Barrel Stress Relief AR-15 Testimonial

We’ve seen some exceptional results with high-accuracy platforms, and wanted to share a recent documented trial run from a group comprised of overseas shooters who rely on mission-critical accuracy.  Here’s what “Max” had to say:

Cryogenically Treated AR-15 Platform Rifle

“During our call last Thursday, I was intending to remark on my experience with cryogenics in firearms applications, but we had many other topics to discuss, it seems. Nevertheless, I do want to share some of my observations, and hope you find them interesting and useful. As background, to test and demonstrate the process, we had several rifles built, which we ran very extensively. In 5.56, we had two identical, chrome lined, 1:7 twist uppers constructed, one with cryogenically treated components, and one without, which we ran from the same lower using identical optics.

The two target photos attached are really typical of the many we produced, and demonstrate the performance difference. Aside from the one flier (I’m ever the amateur), my cryo group is meaningfully tighter than its counterpart. For reference, I shot these at 200 yards, from a sandbag rest, using (formerly) cheap Fiocchi 55 gr 223 FMJ’s. For reference, the bulls-eye on that target is about 2″.

AR-15 Cryo'd Test Results Table (Cryogenic Comparison)

Subjectively, the effect of cryo was also distinct. The rifle felt much more consistent, much truer to point of aim, and inspired confidence. After rapid mag dumps, the group in the non-treated rifle began to float downward, whereas the cryo rifle stayed tight. We had multiple people run the rifles, people with very interesting and relevant backgrounds, and they all felt the difference very quickly.

AR-15 Before and After Shots with Cryogenic Treatment

Some other effects that I observed: the cryo barrel becomes hot very quickly, but also sinks heat almost as rapidly, leading me to think that it’s much more efficient at radiating heat away from the bore, and preventing deformation. The non-cryo rifle heats up slowly, but stays hot several times longer and hence accumulates more heat. Also, when I tested velocity differences, I noticed that you get more FPS out of the cryo rifle, using identical rounds (52 gr. Black Hills 223). Here’s a comparison table:

As a final note, at the request of our foreign friends we built a AR chambered in .243 WIN (also pictured), with a chrome lined cryo barrel, as part of an experiment to configure a reliable, semiauto, intermediate-range, very high velocity designated marksman platform. I unfortunately don’t have the target pictures on this computer, but suffice to say that it comfortably out-shot a special order SV-98 bolt action chambered in 308 at 1,000 yards in a head to head comparison.

At around 300-400 yards, the groups were scary small, apparently. Everyone was suitably impressed. I hope you found some of these insights interesting. I think the cryo process will work beautifully for you, and you are in fantastic hands dealing with 300 Below.

All the best,