300 Below Staff

Pete Paulin

Pete Paulin

Chief Executive Officer



Pete Paulin is a productive entrepreneur and inventor based in Central Illinois. Previously employed as a pilot for Medevac, he was flying Learjets in the early 1990s before reading an article about the increase in tool life following a cryogenic freezing process.  Paulin decided to write a computer program to ensure consistency in the process results, and subsequently created the world’s first computer-controlled cryogenic processor.

Paulin’s invention founded a worldwide industry in deep cryogenic processing, resulting in a consistent value proposition of steel lasting 300% longer for 20% cost.  His invention was featured on the Discovery Channel in 1996 with a segment on its “Next Step” show, which set the all time viewer response record for the show.

Pete lives with his wife, Kit, in Forsyth, IL.  In his spare time, Paulin enjoys applying his grasp of process controls to his love of the culinary world by smoking barbeque ribs and pioneering sous vide recipes for friends at his family cabin.  He has one dog, Sage, a large labrador retriever.

Pete graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautical Science from Embry Riddle University in Prescott, Arizona and is certified as an Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS).

Headquarters Management

(in alphabetical order)

Christopher Hahn

P.E. Industrial Research Consultant



Christopher Hahn, P.E. is a part-time Industrial Research Consultant for 300 Below’s Decatur, IL Headquarters. Hahn oversees research for engineering clients in power plants and manufacturing facilities. Hahn’s previous experience includes work for many large industrial clients, designing complex power plant conveyor belt and chute systems for coal power plants, and also working to integrate manufacturing equipment using a quality improvement plan.

Chris lives in Decatur, IL with his wife, and has two sons. Hahn enjoys working outdoors and is active in volunteering with Decatur’s First Christian Church.

Chris earned a Bachelors Degree in Engineering from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

Stephen Kamykowski

Stephen Kamykowski

Industrial Research Consultant Senior Metallurgist & Quality Engineer



Stephen Kamykowski is an Industrial Research Consultant for 300 Below’s Decatur, IL Headquarters.  He also acts as our Senior Metallurgist and Quality Engineer.

Kamykowski previously worked as a metallurgical lab manager in Louisiana working with Nickel-Chrome-Molybdenum alloy steels, oversaw quality control and mitigated Magnesium variations for 650 tons per day of Ductile Iron and Grey Iron castings manufactured in Wisconsin, managed the Environmental Health & Safety department at Warren Steel Holdings and organized their ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System while concurrently managing their 100 ton Fuchs EAF eccentric bottom tap (EBT) mini mill with current carrying electrode arms and oxy-fuel burners refining metal in a ladle furnace and vacuum tank with degassing wire feeding trim/aluminum/calcium-silicon, followed by a three strand continuous caster producing rounds from 6 to 14 inches.

To benefit TruBlue Braking, Kamykowski has experience with Dana Laboratories as a Materials Engineer at their Off Highway Vehicle Test Facility in Kalamazoo, MI to help pass or fail product samples for drive axles, gears, fasteners, fabricated and castings with processes including heat treatments (quench and temper), carburizing, effective case depth determination and casting.  His experience at an aluminum wheel foundry allowed him oversight of a QS 9000 chemical lab, dimensional lab, metallurgical lab, and floor auditing in melting, casting, x-ray and heat treatment with his team of 14 direct reports.

Stephen has overseen Lean Six Sigma improvement, arriving at three million dollars in plant savings in one facility over 17 weeks through six projects.  These savings were found through cross functional team mapping of plant processes, deriving cycle times, first time through quality, inventory / waste reduction, and defect reduction. Stephen prioritizes his efforts based on impact to costs, quality and ease of completion (resources required/”low hanging fruit”).  He also has the experience of directing a foundry’s melt shop from its startup to 11 heats a day (360 tons EAF) with two 33-ton UHP Electric Arc Furnaces producing aluminum killed steels in a basic furnace.

Stephen earned a Bachelors Degree from Michigan Technological University and an MBA from Webster University in St. Louis, MO.  Kamykowski also obtained his certification as a Quality Engineer (CQE) through the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

Keith Jewsbury

Keith Jewsbury

Shop Operations Manager



Keith Jewsbury is the Shop Operations Manager for 300 Below’s Decatur, IL Headquarters.  He oversees all inbound and outbound shipments while personally managing over a million pounds per year in cryogenic treatment of metals. Jewsbury is active in the community and enjoys bowling, traveling, and volunteering to help his family members in the area.

Jewsbury earned a new Playstation 4 for his continued hard work and enjoys playing Call of Duty, Mortal Kombat, and other racing games.

Susan McGrath

Susan McGrath

Industrial Research Consultant



Susan McGrath works with manufacturing clients to research improvements to their production applications.  McGrath educates 300 Below’s customers about the benefits of cryogenics inside their facilities, with a special focus on returning burdensome maintenance costs back to the bottom line.Susan’s focus on providing excellent customer service was inspired by her outside role as a Mary Kay cosmetics consultant, while her persistence comes from working various beats at several small-town newspapers. She is a published author who enjoys traveling, photography, decorating and genealogy in her spare time.

When she’s not writing her own books, McGrath is a voracious reader of historical fiction.  McGrath spent eight years teaching Kindergarten and serving as an elementary school reading aide.  She currently teaches as an adjunct professor at Lincoln Christian University.Susan lives in Pana, IL with her high school sweetheart and two sons, Lincoln and Sawyer.  McGrath served as a Cub Scout Den Leader and Cubmaster over a nine year period, and enjoys giving back to her community.  Mexican food comprises her favorite dining experiences.

McGrath earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale and her Master’s Degree in Curriculum Instruction and Adult Education from the University of Phoenix.

Prescott Paulin

Prescott Paulin




Prescott Paulin handles international research and joint venture management for 300 Below.  Paulin serves as the primary technical writer for 300 Below in addition to managing online marketing initiatives, business development processes, technical sales support systems, and cloud-based software for 300 Below’s various divisions.

Prescott served as a US Marine Corps Officer before joining Battelle as an emergency preparedness coordinator for Washington Headquarters Services and the Pentagon Force Protection Agency. Beyond training Pentagon Police Officers in Chemical and Biological Weapon Protection at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Paulin created multiple internal research and development projects. Social intelligence filtration aimed at serving combatant commanders overseas evolved into a flash mob prevention project targeted at the Department of Homeland Security as well as local law enforcement agencies. Paulin then applied his skillset of identifying patterns among seemingly disconnected pieces of information to the autonomous undersea vehicle markets, eventually transferring to launch the Defense Innovation Network.

This led to studying geopolitics inside Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and the Philippines. Interrupting his travel in Asia, Paulin returned to the Washington, DC area to launch POLITICO’s Pro Defense coverage before returning home to Central Illinois, and also worked previously with Meltwater News in San Francisco, CA.

Prescott earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Babson College with a focus on entrepreneurship and leadership.  Paulin was the top scoring rifle expert in his training company of 300 Marine Corps Officers at Quantico.

Russia Management

(in alphabetical order)

фото Кондратенков / Mikhail Kondratenkov

фото Кондратенков / Mikhail Kondratenkov

Director 300 Below of Russia



Mikhail handles the majority of Russian projects for 300 Below as its primary business partner under “Industrial Gases” for which he was deputy director since its founding in 1998 and then as director since 2004.  Under Mikhail’s leadership, these operations now include a staff of several hundred employees under a number of companies included under the umbrella of operations, as well as his personal rise to CEO of this Russian consortium.

Mikhail graduated in 1999 from Izhevsk State Technical University as a design engineer, specializing in impulse heat engines, later renamed “small arms and hunting weapons.”

иван данилов / Ivan Danilov

иван данилов / Ivan Danilov

Operations Manager 300 Below of Russia



Ivan works directly with Mikhail to implement cryogenic solutions for 300 Below’s Russian clients in multiple industries.  Danilov’s efforts stem from a deep knowledge of industrial operations and total quality management (TQM) solutions.

Ivan has learned Soviet-era weapons through to modern firearms, and accumulated a bulk of his firearms knowledge from 1999-2001 while working at the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, where he designed guns. This path was succeeded by work as a designer of heat exchange equipment, leading to his current role as overseeing the majority of 300 Below’s cryogenic treatment operations for the Russian Federation. Since 2004, Ivan has served Mikhail’s Industrial Gases unit in many varied capacities and positions.

Research Team

(in alphabetical order)

John Koucky

John Koucky

Metallurgist Emeritus, 300 Below's Management Team


John Koucky is from Central Illinois and served previously as President of Wagner Castings before joining 300 Below. He was one of the original business partners and investors of our organization.

Koucky lives in Central Illinois with his wife Mary-Ann and is an avid swimmer.