Starting a career with 300 Below is hard work, but it’s worth it when you have upward mobility and training that will serve you beyond our organization and into your next position.  As the world leader in our industry, in business since 1966, we offer worldwide placement and an opportunity to excel in any region around the globe.  You’ll obtain consulting opportunities to distinguish your service inside our ranks beyond the “me, too!” cryogenic processing companies out there in the market today.

Here’s the deal: Manufacturers seek a competitive edge through cost-saving technologies, allowing them to remain relevant and profitable in a rapidly evolving economy.  We believe enterprise opportunities among industrial manufacturing clients are smartly won through insight selling relationships, where our consultants become trusted advisors, deeply comprehend every client problem, and sustain long-term growth by creating memorable client experiences beyond initial research projects and transactions.

300 Below’s cryogenic treatment process faces a difficult sales cycle against organizations who are averse to change, unwilling to experiment with testing new technologies, or feel threatened by decreased manual labor opportunities for their workforce as a result of increased uptime and extended maintenance intervals.  However, our highly compensated business development professionals are able to overcome these hurdles and build consistent recurring revenue by adding constant value to the trusted relationships within their network and educating prospects about how cryogenic technology can help improve their business operations.

Our team focuses on results through metrics.  If you’re on the phone and out doing client visits competently and frequently with your prospects, revenue follows naturally.  We work with recruits who ask the right questions, build trust, and follow through to ensure their prospects become the hero inside their organization.  Our clients want to believe and trust that we understand them inside their operational environment.  Skepticism is overcome when our toughest critics realize that we genuinely care about their business and their success.  Our clients are our partners.

New independent business development consultants working with 300 Below receive training in cryogenic technology, business development, and project management.  Our team utilizes tools like Trello, Asana, Nutshell, Google Apps, and other custom applications that allow them to work remotely while effectively contributing to a globally diverse team.  Perks include using dedicated research assistants and appointment schedulers to maximize productivity once revenue goals have been met consistently for three months.  We utilize the “Pathways to Growth” framework for ongoing business development.

300 Below offers a “work from anywhere” lifestyle, where all business development support systems may be remotely accessed and managed regardless of venue.  New applicants seeking a career in industrial business development may apply via LinkedIn starting June 5, 2014.